Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Application of biopolymer coating and anti enzymatic agents on increasing shelf life of Agaricus bisporus            0000-00-00
2    Improvment of quality and shelf life of roasted pistachio nuts for exporting            0000-00-00
3    Improved quality and extending shelf life of Lebanese red apple at cold storage condition for exporting            0000-00-00
4    Using of edible coating (limonene @ aloe vera) for improving quality and extending shelf life of Negin cucumber cultivar            0000-00-00
5    Investigating the interaction of protein-polysaccharide in a biodegradable gelatin-seriesh film and sodium casheinate-seriesh            0000-00-00
6    Influence of atmospheric conditions and cinnamon essence on protection of quality of dried pistachio nuts kernel    M.Sc.    moradi, ghodsiye    2010-06-26
7    Evaluation of Physical and antimicrobial properties of edible film based on carboxymethyl cellulose incorporated with distillated oil essence of lemon and Coriander seed    M.Sc.    mohamad hosseyni, mahdi    2011-02-23
8    Effect of putrescine and salicylic acid different concentrations on quality and shelf life of fresh pistachio nut Akbari and Sefied cultivars    M.Sc.    nasrabadi, mohammad ebrahim    2011-07-06
9    study effect of drying, edible coating and storage conditions on quality and shelf life of green raisin    Ph.D    ayoubi, azam    2011-12-11
10    Predictive modelling and selection of Time Temperature Integrators for monitoring the shelf life of modified atmosphere packed Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets    Ph.D    nikzade, vajihe    2012-01-29
11    Evaluation effect of packaging and edible coating on quality of exporting raisin    M.Sc.    Yousef tabar miri, Najmeh    2012-03-14
12    Effect of gelatin, antioxidants and packing on quality of roasted pistachio varieties O    M.Sc.    khoshnoodinia, sara    2013-01-22
13    E-spun Cellulose Acetate Nanofiber Mats Containing a Herbal-Froriepia subpinnate- Extract/ White-cheek Shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri) Fish Skin Gelatin Nanocomposite Edible Films: Fabrication, Structure and Characteristic    Ph.D    Shahiri Tabarestani, Hoda    2013-01-28
14    Effects of chitosan coating and modified atmosphere packaging on the improvement quality and increase shelf-life greenhouse Cucumber    M.Sc.    SHAHDADI SARDO, ALI    2013-06-11
15    optimization of packaging condition, quality and shelf life of pomegranate arils Bajestani cultivar    M.Sc.    ghorbani, maryam    2013-11-05
16    Prediction shelf life modeling and effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)on improving quality of low calorie cake prepared by microwave method    Ph.D    nazari, zahra    2013-11-23
17    Production and determination the properties of Bio-Nano composite film on soybean soluble polysaccharides for use in packaging    Ph.D    Salar Bashi, Davoud    2013-11-25
18    application of chitosan edible and antimicrobial coating and ozone on extending of mazafati date shelf life    Ph.D    sarhadi, hamid    2013-11-25
19    Evaluation of macking of edible containers suitable for food packaging    M.Sc.    saberi, faezeh    2013-11-26
20    Quality, shelf life and microbial properties predicting of fresh Berberis in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)    M.Sc.    Khosrowshahi, Sara    2014-01-07
21    evaluation of edible film and modified atmosphere packaging on the improvement of quality and extends shelf life of bell pepper    M.Sc.    ghahramani chermahini, akram    2014-01-21
22    Improving quality and extending shelf life of ready to eat cold sandwich by using of MAP    M.Sc.    bahman, marjan    2014-02-18
23    : Effects of chitosan coating and modified atmosphere packaging on the improvement quality and increase shelf-life taxonomy of the newton tomato    M.Sc.    mokhtari sharghi, reza    2014-02-25
24    Evaluating the Effect of Temperature, Atmosphere and Packaging Materials on Some Physiological Aspects and Active Substance of Medicinal Plant Seeds in Apiaceae Family During Storage    Ph.D    baghdadi, gonai    2014-03-16
25    Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Vacuum on Protein, Lipid and Colour Oxidation of Ground Camel Meat    M.Sc.    sharifpour, ma    2014-04-22
26    Optimization of hot air roasting process of Pistachio nuts and increasing its Shelf life by using of tragacanth edible coating containing α-tocopherol nanocapsule    Ph.D    dini, ali    2014-06-14
27    A Survey of the Effect of Edible Coating (galactomannan and chitosan) and Inactive MAP on Physico-Chemichal Properties of Navel Oranges During storage    M.Sc.    amini, ehsan    2014-11-25
28    Evaluation of Methylcellulose-lipid edible coating and modified atmosphere packaging effect on the improvement quality and shelf-life of Red Delicious apple    M.Sc.    Rezaee, Marziye    2014-11-25
29    Study the effect of pre-harvest application of salicylic acid and post-harvest treatments with sulfur pad, calcium and    Ph.D    HASANABADI, MAHMOOD    2014-12-01
30    Study of physicochemical, mechanical and thermal properties of various thermoplastic starches / modified polylactic acid biodegradable blends film    Ph.D    abdollahi moghaddam, mohammadreza    2015-01-05
31    Thesis Format for Postgraduate students, School of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Eshghi, Behnaz    2015-01-13
32    An Investigation on the Effect of Aloe Vera Coating and Packaging on Quality Properties and Shelf life of Dried Seedless Barberry (Berberis vulgaris)    Ph.D    royatvand, sara    2015-06-13
33    Modelling MAP design and study the effect of chitosan coating enriched with limonene and O2 concentration on quality of cucumber cultivar Royal and determination its shelf life    Ph.D    Maleki, Gisoo    2015-06-13
34    Shelf Life Modeling and Evaluation of the Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Edible Coating (Chitosan-Aloe Vera) Effect on Maintaining Quality of Orange (Thompson’s Novel).    Ph.D    poursharif amlashi, zahra    2015-06-13
35    Effect of chitosan edible film and type of packaging to preserve the quality and increase the shelf life of fresh-cut potato    M.Sc.    Mohammad Hosseinian, Mahsa    2015-06-30
36    Evaluation of the antimicrobial and antioxidant Activity of biogenic gelatin-chitosan edible coatings incorporated with Origanum vulgare L. essential oil, nicin and EDTA on the quality and shelf life of refrigerated Oncorhynchus mykiss    Ph.D    Torabian Kakhki, Maryam    2016-01-19
37    Effects of edible coating (Carboxymethylcellulose & Gelatin) and type of packaging on improve the quality of dried jujube    M.Sc.    afsij, hanieh    2016-02-09
38    The Effect of oxygen concentration and packaging on physical and chemical properties of ghavoot during storage    M.Sc.    safaee, fereshtesadat    2016-04-12
39    The effect of chitosan edible coating and native mastic gum (Pistacia atlantica) on improving the quality and increasing the shelf life of Mashhad black cherry    M.Sc.    rahchamani, marzieh    2016-04-12
40    Modelling MAP design and study the effect of Sclerorhachis platyrachis essence and O2 concentration on quality of pear (Pyrus communis Cv ‘Daregazi’) and determination its shelf life    Ph.D    naeemi gholi mashhadi, shima    2016-08-16
41    Mathematical Modelling of PM-MAP and Investigation the Effect of Calcium Lactate and Cysteine and the Kind of Packaging on Quality of Fresh-Cut Romaine Lettuce and Determination its Shelf-life.    Ph.D    salemi, bahareh    2016-09-27
42    The studay on the effects of modified atmosphere packaging to extend the shelf life and maintaining quality of ‘Barhy’ date palmم    M.Sc.    Al-Kaabi, hayder jummaah kadhim    2016-10-04
43    Effects of edible coating (Aloevera gel) and type of packaging on improve the quality of Hayward kiwi fruit    M.Sc.    mansour gorgani, samira    2016-10-25
44    Evaluation of the Influence of Whey Protein Concentrate Biodegradable Coating, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and time of storage on Quality Properties of Tangerine ( Dancy).    M.Sc.    boghori, parvin    2016-12-27
45    Effect of Edible Coating Aloe vera Gel and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) on the sensory and physicochemical properties of pomegranate arils ready to eat during cold storage    M.Sc.    dousti, zohreh    2016-12-27
46    Effect of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)and gum (Prunus armeniaca L.)coating on the quality and storage time prolong of strawberry (Ostera)    M.Sc.    Hashemi Sigary, Maryam    2017-03-07
47    Evaluation of the honey - carboxy methyl cellulose edible coat on microbial, physicochemical and sensory properties kernel of Akbari pistachio during storage    M.Sc.    Khajehali Chaleshtori, Shaghayegh    2017-11-07
48    Study on the effect of edible coating based on whey protein and walnut green skin's extract on quality and storage time of Chilgoza nut    M.Sc.    Alizadeh, Fatemeh    2017-11-07
49    Effect of carboxymethyl cellulose-based edible coating incorporated with Pistacia atlantica gum and salicylic acid on the Storage time of fresh pistachio (Kaleghochi)    M.Sc.    soltani nejad, sahar    2017-11-07
50    Effect of active modified atmosphere packaging and coating of lactate calcium on the quality of mixed vegetable salad.    M.Sc.    rohani, maedeh    2018-02-13